Mind within Mind.
Sketchbook drawing about the complex way our minds work thinking several different things at any one time, and making connections. It seems to me that everything is interconnected and we are influenced and inspired in unexpected ways. The little white dog dominates the foreground but could also be a fleeting thought within her.

Photo from this summers Breakfast with an Artist for the launch event for OpenForArt in Reading with the most inspiring women Suzanne Stallard and interviewer Wendy Thomson @femalearts – thank you to the great audience, for the conversation and for celebrating women in the arts.

Detail from “My Beloved”, sold this summer from The Castlegate House Gallery in Cumbria. Inspired by a chance meeting with a woman walking her blind dog and who was about to spend a fortune on eye operations to restore his vision. The dog showed such trust in its owner and she expressed great devotion.

This is a detail of my latest print, “Woman Sucking Her Thumb”. Drypoint and Collergraph original artist print on four plates. A friend of mine once spoke about her “Monkey Brain” This is what she called the negative internal voices we all suffer from and this new print seems to relate to this idea.

Detail from painting “Butterfly Breaths”. This is about the fragility and the tenacity of breathing and life. Butterflies are amazing. They migrate great distances around the world against all the odds and survive storms. It seems to me that life is like this. The woman’s genes and inner spirit survive through the child. They keep breathing small butterfly breaths, which have literally become Butterflies. The woman’s strongly patterned collar echoes the intricate patterns of the insect.