Rebecca Swainston BA, MA

Rebecca is a painter and printmaker. Her work addresses the human condition in psychologically charged images which are richly textured and coloured. The work interweaves ideas of the changing nature of identity and perception to explore the shifting nature of existence. Rebecca draws on contemporary and personal events and observations as well as beliefs and ideas from many cultures. work is powerfully emotive. Working across a range of themes which include the mind and body connection the work is powerfully emotive. Objects, pattern and animals carry ideas and reflect aspects of the underlying narrative.
Sketchbooks are used extensively, exploiting her draughtsmanship to note and explore ideas. These are fascinating visual working documents and are often the starting point for new work. Rebecca’s commitment and skill is evident in every layer of her work, the careful preparation of smooth gesso surfaces, her mastery of drawing and exuberant use of paint and print. Her images have immediate impact but reward repeated viewing as layers of detail and meaning reveal themselves.


click here to see Interview with Sara Wiseman about the exhibition , Embodyment, in February 2022


You can discover more about Rebecca’s work in a fully illustrated 127 page book which includes annotation and foreword by the artist and and in-depth interview.

‘Rebecca Swainston Revealed and Concealed’; ISBN 978-1-913069-00-1, is available you can contact me by email

‘Days of Wonder’. This is a collaboration with Poet Lesley Saunders. 82 pages with 20 beautifully reproduced images of paintings by Rebecca Swainston. A collection of poems produced between March 2020 and March 2021 many in response to the images. Published by The Hippocrates Press. ISBN; 978-1-9163981-0-8

‘At once a journal of a plague year and the record of an elective affinity between two notable artist, Days of Wonder is a deeply exciting document of the age.’ Michael Hulse.


1987 – 1988
MA – Fine Art, Chelsea School of Art

1984 – 1987
BA Hons: First Class – Fine Art Printmaking, Winchester School of ArtDesign, Brighton University